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Booshman97 selfie
Profile: Booshman97
Twitter: @booshman97
Facebook: N/A
Style: Gaming
Date Joined: February 20. 2012
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 21,000+*
Videos: 410+
Schedule: Unknown
Status: Active

Booshman started his youtube as he believed he had an oppurtinity most people would kill for, during the time he was playing with the "asf crew" (this includes BajanCandian ASFJerome and HippoIoqqiH). He met the asf crew in the original asf server, he was part of a village called Celadon City. His first video was Minecraft: world edit and bYd server with ASF. His first series was L4D2: Survival followed by ASF Hungergames. After this boosh posted a mixture of Race to Wool, capture the walls and battledomes, boosh attempts technic and occasional random clips. 

Old School Booshman97

Boosh then started a series called "Minecraft How To:" and shortly after that "JungleCraft" this series is the first on the server minceraft which involves other youtubers such as the Brocraft and (the hosts) the Jolly ol' Brits and will. He then decided to launch a new tekkit series, followed by Minecraft parkour ad Minecraft parkour fails.

New Booshman97

He then started his 2 of his current series. Minceraft and Boosh and Minecraft: Hungergames, with a brief series called Minecraft X-Hardcore. Soon after he finished X-Hardcore he got involved with some minor youtube drama, he was (wrongly of accused) of minecraft theft! Sadly from this boosh got alot of hate but amongst these wore many new fans. He has recently started posting Herobrine, Bow spleef and paintball. This vids have recently got alot of references to background noise because of his shed.

Booshman97: The streams 

His streams are famed from there talk of petrol, Which According to Legends, was Started By Yoshi1592. Yoshi is known for being an absoloute legend who is loved by everyone and shoud totally be the next mod... He used to stream about his Feed the beast server which has since gone into hiatus, this series was not posted to YoutTube, but it can still be watched via his Twitch.TV profile.

Friendly Faces

In his Streams, there are a bunch of people to keep your eye out for, these include both his Moderators, and His regulars.

Many of His Mods also have a YouTube Career Themselves, Here is A list of them : VasEhh TheKylern389Matt & Edd from the Jolly 'Ol Brits Bill Warlow aka Will from the Jolly 'Ol Brits

The Rest of his Mods however, are all Fans who have been apointed through either lack of mods, or Sucking up...

Here is an UNFINISHED List of them : Kapowner (aka Kap) , Anoniemouse, Formerly known as BeardedWoman(aka Bertie), TheRedd102 "Who cannot moderate for $#!t"(aka Redd), Shoeshine1605 (aka Gemma, aka Shoeshine), Yes_Edd (aka Yes_Edd; People with awesome names do not get nicknames!), IHiccup2468 (aka Hiccup), ChickenBalls42 (The best pokemon trainer)

Other Friendly Faces To Keep an Eye out for include:

  • Jalahor 
  • FieryVodka
  • Chess_Yay (aka Minecraft_Yay)
  • Yoshi1592 (aka Potatoman18)
  • Yi110
  • VuxGaming
  • ChickenBalls42
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