Sean (Age: 18), better known on YouTube as Boosted, is a British YouTuber mostly known for his Need For Speed (2015) and Grand Theft Auto 5 videos.


  • Sean joined YouTube in July 2011.
  • On October 30, 2015, Sean uploaded his most viewed video with over 282,000 views as of June 28, 2016,¬†Boosted owned¬†a Seat Leon Cupra R but that was a huge fail the Clutch slave cylinder and the starter motor broke. Then he got a Mazda MX5 Miata] this car is good he the MX5 needing fixing when he got it but It's good. ¬† ¬† He has a girlfriend Lily!

Personal Life

  • Sean is currently living in London, England and Sean has a girlfriend called Lily she has been In quite a lot of Sean's videos including Sean showing her how to drive without stalling the car and just generally practicing driving the first car she drove In his videos was in his Clio then his Seat but there's not been a driving¬†video in his MX5.

Games Sean Has Played A - Z

This list includes all of the games Sean has played as of June 28, 2016.

  2. Create A Ride.
  3. Drag Racer V3.
  4. Forza Horizon 3.
  5. Forza Horizon 2.
  6. Forza Motorsport 6.
  7. Forza Motorsport 4.
  8. Garry's Mod.
  9. Grid Autosport.
  10. Grand Theft Auto 5.
  11. Grand Theft Auto 4.
  12. Grand Theft Auto 5: Online.
  13. Grand Theft Auto 5: Next Gen.
  14. Need For Speed (2015).
  15. Need For Speed: World Offline.
  16. Need For Speed: Underground 2.
  17. Project Cars.
  18. Rfactor.
  19. Rocket League.
  20. The Crew.
  21. The Crew: Wild Run.
  22. 3DTuning. Sadly Sean no longer does gaming videos he Is an automotive channel now 


  • Sean's former YouTube channel name was FlabbaWookie.
  • Sean's first car was a Renault Clio Dynamique 1.6L.
  • Sean's dream car is a Toyota Supra Mach 4.
  • Sean's goal is to buy a Toyota Supra Mach 4 before he turns 25 years old.
  • Sean's favorite race car driver is Lewis Hamilton.

Sean's PC is an Intel¬ģ Core‚ĄĘ i5 4690K 3.5GHz.

  • Mobo: Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 5.
  • GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GB.
  • Memory: 16GB Kingston HyperX Fury Red Series.
  • PSU: Antec True Power 650W Classic.
  • Case: NZXT Phantom 530 Full Tower.
  • Cooling: Corsair H100i Liquid Cooler.

Sean's face cam is a Logitech C920.

Sean's microphone is a Blue Snowball with Pop Filter.

Sean's headset is an Astro A40 2014 Edition (Orange Neon Series) + Astro Mixamp Pro.

Sean's mouse is a Razer Abyssus.

Sean's keyboard is a Roccat Isku.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sean's current car is a MX5.