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Brad, known on YouTube as BradDoesBanter, or previously as Brad Does Minecraft, is a British YouTuber known for his "rant"-type videos and his relations with other YouTubers.


Brad is a 16-year old British YouTuber living in the United Kingdom. Nothing much is known about his personally other than has gained attention from many big YouTubers such as PewDiePie and SkyDoesMinecraft, who the latter brought Brad to visit the U.S., to which Brad says "smells like piss".


During the time he was known as Brad Does Minecraft, he created Minecraft videos, his first called "Minecraft: Oak Jungle solo PARKOUR! w/Brad" which was removed from his channel. Most of his videos from there on were based on Minecraft, specifically series such as Hunger Games and UHC before going into more comical and "Funny Moments"-type videos, which became the main type of content along with occasional Q&A's and prank calls. He soon started to fall off from those types of videos, and uploaded some showing him in real life, such as reading hate comments.

On November of 2015, Brad uploaded a video called EXPOSING THE BIGGEST MINECRAFT YOUTUBER., a satirical take on exposing videos focusing on SkyDoesMinecraft. Behind the scenes however, Sky asked Brad to make this video, and even commented on the video. Sky at this point also subscribed to Brad.

Around October of 2015, Brad changed his name from "Brad Does Minecraft" to "BradDoesBanter", likely because since he was near 15k subscribers, where he would get verified, and one will lose their verification if they change their name after. Additionally, it was also due to him falling of from Minecraft.

His more modern content consisted of commentary-type videos, to which some called him a "Leafy clone", due to similar content. His most recent videos however rarely include gameplay in the background, and are mostly clips of other things like clips YouTubers' faces.

Currently, he is friends with YouTubers like PewDiePie, SkyDoesMinecraft and his wife Alesa, and Pyrocynical, etc.


  • "Fucking hell mate"
  • "Big nose" (Referring to PewDiePie)
  • "Nobhead"
  • "Nonce"
  • "Pigster's sister"
  • "Rat"
  • "Absolute fucking cancer"
  • "Banter", "That's banter", "Ha ha...... banter"
  • "Pyrocynical looks like a fucking lesbian."
  • "Im a like whore and if this video gets ### likes then I'll-"
  • "FuckOffAlert Nation, now overweight." (A parody of Keemstar's "DramaAlert Nation, now over ### subscribers!)

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