Brayden Verboort (born January 8, 2001 (2001-01-08) [age 17]), and best friend JC Ndoci better known together as the web duo Kahnovii, are Australian YouTubers. Together they have accumulated nearly 1,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel.

The channel mostly consists of vlogs, challenges, and other short random content.


Brayden is also known to have made gaming content, though he now records other IRL types of videos with JC Ndoci on Kahnovii . The name "KezB3AR" was formed by him and his friend JC Ndoci , the "B3AR" part is associated with a Call of Duty clan inwhich him and JC made together in 2015. Along with that he created another channel with JC Ndoci called 'Kahnovii'. The term "Kahnovii" means "brothers" in the secret language Brayden and JC created. It has now become his main channel where he ocasionally uploads.


Brayden joined YouTube on November 15, 2013. His first ever YouTube channel was called "Ozzie Gamer" (though now, renamed to AldineEye) , with just around 20 subscribers on the channel, over 70 views and only 3 videos on it at the time. Most videos on the channel were gaming videos or random vlogs, which today have been removed by him, since at the time he was only 10 years old.

Personal Life

Brayden was born in Brisbane, Australia and w
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JC and Brayden together in 2014

as raised in a house with a big family, he is said to be half Indian. January, 2013 Brayden met his best friend JC Ndoci after their teacher sat the two together in class. They are today known as Kahnovii on YouTube. JC and Brayden to this day can't thank their teacher enough.


When the two met they used to mess around in class and prank their classmates, the two used to be huge fans of the Janoskians, evidently why they used to pull pranks in school and get into trouble. Ever since they first met they wanted to film videos together and become famous. One year later in 2014 the two boys met up at a park and filmed a video together for Jahwoo called the "Shit Tacos Challenge", where they basically ate tacos filled with disgusting combinations of food.

In late 2013 Brayden and JC stopped talking and hanging out for some unknown reason so Brayden hung out with other kids in his class who were gamers and he just focused on his channel Ozzie Gamer. His friend JC had nobody to record videos with when his friend moved so Brayden became friends with JC again and they both started uploading to Jahwoo but then decided to make their own channel called Kahnovii where they made short films and challenges.

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2016 Photo of Brayden at a concert.


Brayden as of 2016, rarely uploads videos anymore since JC lives 4 hours away from him. On June 25th, Brayden caught a train to JC's house where they met up again for the first time and they recorded and livestreamed together, though the channel still remains inactive.