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Brett Alexander Gordon Page (Born: May 25, 1996 (1996-05-25) [age 22]) known as Brettsworld99, he is an English YouTube Celebrity and blogger from South England (aprox 40 miles west of London) and makes videos about as he says "just about long as I keep my clothes on!"

Fun facts

  1. For the first 2 months of his YouTube life, Brettsworld99 did not know how to save a video (properly) so he could upload it!
  2. he has converted to several diferent religions (including Satanism, Shintoism, and Buddhism)
  3. Bret aint no a goood spelar or is a grammah guy
  4. He's British

Death threats and other crimes against him

in 2009 (full date unknown) a youtuber by the name of michaelmgf had an imposter account made and everyone accused Brett of being the one behind it, even though they had very little evidence.

and soon it wasnt just comments, 2 videos were made against him (both have been removed but not lost) but it was some time before Brett responded with the following video:

"Grrr! why are they doing this?!? i have done nothing!!" - Brett page after receiving many bad comments.

Luckily, Brett has since made friends with Brawler614.

Events and appearances

He appeared in the red carpet of a Scott Pilgrim VS The World premiere in 2010 in Leicester square London

Red carpet

Brett page stayed up until 4AM to find this.

History and early life

Brettsworld99 was born on the 25th of may 1996 in Royal-Berks hospital at approximately 11:00 am

he first attended school in mid 2000, he went to Robert Sandilands until 2003 when he left due to being diagnosed with ADHD and Autism and spending months going from school to school until he finally was sent to St Andrews school in Chinnor which was VERY far away from his home.

in 2007 he had, for a lack of better words "graduated" from St andrews and then went to Lord Williams school in Thame which was still very far away from his home, in 2010 he was Politely asked to leave and is now attending a school which is closer to his home (for security reasons his current school is kept secret)


these are some quotations from Brett himself

  • "if the world were to explode now...I'de die screaming in agony"
  • "lol"
  • "hay...thanks're a true friend. *hugs*"
  • "as long as capitalism is still claiming lives, communism will keep fighting"
  • "insert historical quote here"
  • "we're all being slowly eaten by the flesh eating virus known as age"
  • "who's the pretty boy? who is it? that's right! me!"
  • "I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!...except all of you"

YouTube Poops

Brett likes YouTube poops and also enjoys making them.

Some of the many YouTube poop videos he likes include Super Mario, Link and the King from the CDI games for the Philips Game System, Michael Rosen, and Sponge Bob.