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Gaming BritishIcon MaleIcon YouTuber

Britbongreturns is a YouTuber/Streamer best known for his trolling escapades on Second Life with his various characters and voices, he also trolls various other games and uploads the reactions to YouTube. Britbong's channel recently blew up in subscribers and viewers thanks to exposure from Videogamedunkey using one of his videos on his channel here.


Britbong also known as "Dominic Vanner" is a 28 year old man from the United Kingdom.Brit is 5'10 average height in UK, hes not short as people say.

Some of his Subscribers (from Dunkeys shoutout) were suprised to see how Britbong trolls,as they thought trolling is 'fun' for everyone,but 'Vanner' explains thats not a troll its more of prank if you're both happy and friendly .

Britbong's fans like his stories form expreinces of Twitch streamers,Second life players and stalkers as he teaches us how people can be online.He's intresed in making a podcast or a channel for his stories and rants.Hes been in a podcast called 'Bamoozeld' with Colossal is Crazy

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