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Dominic Vanner known as Britbongreturns is British YouTuber who does trolling videos mainly in the 2003 game Second Life. In 2016 Dominic has shifted his focus from YouTube videos to streaming at least 14 hours a week.


Dominic started out as "Manlytearsv" which was banned from YouTube.[1] After being inactive for a while he saw Charliezzz getting popular Dominic created an account called "Britbong" The nickname "Returns" was added after being banned from YouTube for the second time.[2] After being banned from in 2015[3] he moved to for about a year until he was banned from there too.[4] Since July 2016 he has been active on and in 2017 occasionally YouTube Gaming.

On April 10, 2017, his channel was termninated. He believes it was due to a glitch when Machinima unlocked his streaming ability it started the termination countdown again. His channel was reinstated 8 days later on April 18, 2017.


  • His channel is partnered with the Machinima network.
  • he created a second YouTube account called Eggbong.[5]



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