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Brizzy Voices (Anna Brisbin) is a 24-year-old American star, YouTuber, and actress from South Carolina. Among certain groups of people she is also known as "Brizzy". Her channel went popular first in 2012 after her most challenging and impressive video (now the most popular) "Voice ALL the original pokemon". She gives faith to all of us. She also can do impressions of animations and any pictures off the internet.


Our dearest Brizzy hit the very big population only one year after joining YouTube. "She changed the world.We all love the way she supports us!"

Random Facts

  • Brizzy hit one million subscribers on December 14, 2015.
  • Brizzy is a massive fan of Harry Potter and is part of Ravenclaw house.
  • Brizzy has been known to produce fantastic paintings which she's shown in some videos.
  • Brizzy occasionaly posts craft videos with fandom themed recipes or ideas.

Other Channels

Brizzy's vlog channel


Voice ALL the Original Pokemon!!02:07

Voice ALL the Original Pokemon!!

The Original Pokémon, All of them!!

68 Accents of Dr06:12

68 Accents of Dr. Seuss

Unlike most Americans Brizzy is actually capable of doing Australian accents

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