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Robert Moran is a YouTube content creator. He goes by many names, OldManWillakers, BruceWillakers, and Rurikar22 which was his old channel. On his released a very successful animation series Unforgotten Realms. Since then he has built a whole world based in that world including his Minecraft mini-game Dwarves vs. Zombies, his Minecraft server Lords of Minecraft, his weekly stream Urealms Live played in Tabletop Simulator and his upcoming projects Coe's Quest and Unfogotten Quest. He plays these series with his friends and partners the Buffalo Wizards: Buttrug, Coestar, Deadbones, HCJustin, Nisovin (Helps with programming), Roamin (a character in all of Rob's big roleplay series is based on him) Shay and Spyd. He has also worked with PauseUnpause, GuudeBoulderfist, Egoraptor and Jake Kaufman as well as others in the past.