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RACIST Black woman says Whites are GENETICALLY INFERIOR! - Brutally Honest-013:35

RACIST Black woman says Whites are GENETICALLY INFERIOR! - Brutally Honest-0

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Brutally Honest it's a YouTube channel, hosted by Brutal Frank.

He is a fast-rising YouTuber, making bot humorous response videos and informative ones.

On the humorous ones, followers and casual viewers paraise him for his rebuttals and jokes to other videos, loaded with mean and witty humor, without any sugar-coated word, and peculiar analogies to explain his view.

On the informative ones, he analyzes topics that he finds to be wrong, false or perceived uncorrectly, such as: fat acceptance, gender identity, and ties between immigration and terrorism; he does so with a deep illustration of facts and numbers supporting his speech, no-nonsense logic, and some humorous lines.

In less than 2 months total activity and 6 videos he gained 700+ subscribers


He revealed that his peculiar accent is a mix of Russian and Italian, when asked by many users.

He has competence in Biology and Sociology

He is an Atheist 

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