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Burtgasm.(Joshua Storm Burt) is a lets player. He makes minecraft videos, IRL vlogs and does many different things with friends. He is friends with the latest page added MlgHwnT, he has been in other featured channels such as. SkyDoesMinecraft, MlgHwnT, Aviator Gaming (Bro Code and Nerd Wars.) and rumored he will be in BigMacNation's channel who is another friend of Burts, named: Tyson. Burt is known as a minecraft building expert and had made some Builds that make since such as.

Burt was also used to be part of BahmLounge but left because he mentioned that he wanted to go back to Alabama and live with his girlfriend (Shelby) and his family. BahmLounge will be moving to Seattle soon.

Succesful Builds Made

Jerome's Axe shop: Representing Jerome and his love of axes and using them as his main weapon. 

AshelyMaireeGaming's Spoofy Hair Salonn: He made this showing off to people AshelyMairee and Burt's friendship and Ashely's spoofy hair on her irl and her Minecraft Skin.

MlhHwnT's cat shop: This is very new because he had this made in his recent build video also known of showing Steve (MlgHwnT's real name) you have seen recentley in BahmLounge which is one of Burt's channels which is a channel he makes skits every Monday with his friends MlgHwnT (Steve), AviatorGaming (Zack) and BigMacNation (Tyson). His Minecraft in-game name is: TheBurtDude.

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