BusseUndBahnen is a side channel run by Saviour Germany. It's about public transportation themes


This channel has a big bunch fo documentaries about public transportations in Germany, mostly bus drive recordings or moments caught in the act.


The idea for this channel came to mind in summer 2011 while cruising around in the ruhr area. On July 28, 2011 this channel became reality. Good quality videos were provided from autumn 2011 by buying a Canon IXUS 300 HS, including bus drive recordings. Time after time there were more ides for this channel, such as documentaries for disused routes or when something special happened.

BusseUndBahnen decided to go on hiatus from March 2018 on until he reaches 900+ subscribers to grant a subscribers special video for the oncoming 1000 subscribers.


  • Bus drive recordings: this videos include the full route of a selected bus line including all bus stops' names
  • Bus mixes: bus mixes consisit of a central point, such as a bus station and spotting each bus that arrives and departs
  • Documentaries: the variety of the documentaries consist of rail-/tramway archaeology, disused routes, former bus and tram routes and stuff like that
  • Snapshots: such snapshots catching moments of a situation in public transportation which can be special or just showing how it works
  • Dedications bzw. Portraits: presentations and portraitations of vehicles or last use of routes.
  • Other: all videos that cannot put to a category


The channel has 646 subscribers and more than 413.000 views of around 300 videos