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Jordy Milsom (born March 6, 1995 (1995-03-06) [age 21]), known on YouTube as CMJordz 22 is a Welsh YouTuber mostly known for his Challenge and Gaming videos.

Jordy has over 640 subscribers and 20,000 video views as of September 10, 2016.

Personal Life

  • Jordy is currently living in Milford Haven Wales.
  • He is currently in a relationship with a girl called Becca.
  • He has a group of mates featured in his videos, his most notable friends are, Cally, Gazza, Daniel, Connor and Josh.
  • Jordy's channel is a variety of the following catergories so if any of these you like, check him out. Gaming, Challenges, VLOG's, Football Videos and Music Videos

Upload Milestones


  • Jordy has a brother and a sister.
  • KSI, Miniminter, TBJZL, Wroetoshaw, PewDiePie, Zerkaa, Vickstar123, and Behzinga. Inspired Jordy to become a YouTuber.
  • Jordy's fanbase is known as "JordzNation" but his mates are in the process of changing the name to "The 22 Crew."

YouTubers Jordy Feature In His Shoutout Series

Shoutout Series #1

  1. Gothic Gamer
  2. MikeySpikey95
  3. Hovi
  4. ScioTV
  5. StayFiera

Shoutout Series #2

  2. TG CosyAura52
  3. Oxegyn
  4. Skyrise/GamingClan
  5. Nuke x Hype

Shoutout Series #3

  2. TheMadWalker
  3. NeonBeats
  4. LordLaser101
  5. Gisomono Games
  6. AFCSharky
  7. SickVeins
  8. DanCo
  9. Celkisbabe1
  10. LaserBeam140

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