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COBALTGRUV was one of the earliest users to comment on YouTube, plus the creator of YouTube's first spam message. He recently currently had the second known oldest comment on YouTube and he is often mistaken for being the first ever user to comment on YouTube, which he took down in 2015.

Though "Interesting...." is often regarded as his first comment, his actual first comment is on his own first uploaded video originally called "hOUsE DISMOUNT" saying "Well I suppose I have landed on my back once....that is only because the fence, for the input!!! COBALT", when he did so on June 16, 2005.[1][2][3]

He is mostly known for writing "Interesting...." on Jawed's "Me at the zoo", the first YouTube video, posted by YouTube co-creater Jawed Karim, when he did so on July 12, 2005,[4][5] which he later took down in 2015 for unexplained reasons.

Though COBALTGRUV did in fact once have the oldest comment on the oldest YouTube video, Me at the zoo, his is not the oldest YouTube comment ever on the website. The first currently known user to comment on YouTube was Kazze (Marco Cassé from Italy), when he did so on zubazpants's "Good Times!!!" video saying "LOL!!!!!!!" on June 14, 2005, twenty-eight days before "Interesting....".[6][7]


  • His username is based off of his DJ nickname.[8][9]
  • He recorded his first video with a Sony camcorder.[10][11][12]
  • He has a second YouTube channel called "COBALT".[13]



The First Comment on YouTube Ever00:45

The First Comment on YouTube Ever

This video proves it.

First Comment on YouTube Viewable as of January 2014! (Interesting...00:46

First Comment on YouTube Viewable as of January 2014! (Interesting....)

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