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CTFxC, also known as Charles Trippy Family x Core, Internet Killed Television is Charles' and (formerly) Alli's, daily vlog channel. They are now separated. Their YouTube channel has over 1.4 million subcsribers and 760 million video views as of June, 2018.


Charles' first daily vlog was uploaded on May 1, 2009, and since then they have vlogged every day and never missed a day by not uploading the vlog within 24 hours. They have 2 dogs Zoey and Marley. Alli's new dog Chico was also in the vlogs for a good amount of time.

On the April 8th, 2014, Charles announced that he and Alli would be separating.  

The next vlog did not contain the outro song "Now it's time to sit down and view the coolest couple that is on YouTube." 

Charles and Alli were both removed from the ending video, leaving only Zoey and Marley; however, Alli's links we're still kept.

Personal life

As of June 2014, they are divorced. Charles is currently dating a woman named Allie Wesenberg.They were married in March of 2017.