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Greetings and Salutations my beautiful people and Welcome to the Caddicarus Show......


Jim Caddick (formerly James Caddick), known by his online alias as Caddicarus or Caddy for short, is a YouTuber who does video game reviews usually on the PlayStation system, video game retrospectives, and many other types of videos revolving around video games.  His videos usually combing vlogging with showing clips of the game or game series he's talking about. James has been one of the six Hidden Block members since March 2013, when the site was created.

On February 10, 2016, Caddy announced that he will rebrand his series to gain more controlled to his upload schedule cancelling Caddy's Retrospectives, Tinker Time and Drive-Thru Reviews respectively. [1]


Current Shows

  1. The Caddicarus Show (Game reviews where Caddy decides whether or not a game deserves to be slaughtered or salvaged
  2. Top 10 (speaks for itself, later became part of The Caddicarus Show)
  3. Caddy (modern game reviews, thoughts on gaming etc.)
  4. CINEMAGGOTS (formerly Caddy's Film Fridays (movie reviews))

Special Show

  1. Cadvent Calendar (2016 Christmas Special)

Former Shows

  1. Today's Special (only lasted a single episode)
  2. Hands on Preview (same reason)
  3. Puppicarus (cancelled due to negative feedback)
  4. Caddy's Retrospectives (cancelled to have a more controlled schedule of upload times)
  5. Drive Thru Reviews (same reason)
  6. Tinker Time (same reason)
  7. Current Quickes (cancelled due to the series way to formulated and drains Caddy's creativity)



  • He voiced the Nibbler in the indie game Buck.
  • Him and Brutalmoose are enemies in their channels for comedy effect
  • During his "A Tour of The Room , it was revealed that he is a cousin of Cormac Neeson, a lead singer from The Answer.
  • On December 11, 2016 on Twitter, Caddy decided to changed his real name to Jim because he didn't like the name James. [2]


  1. I'm Starting Over - A Caddicarus Update (ft. How Much I Dislike What the Fine Bros. Did)

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