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Caillou Pettis (born on June 28, 2000 (2000-06-28) [age 18]), and Nicholas "Nick" Favel (born October 10, 2000 (2000-10-10) [age 17]), better known as Caillou & Nick, are YouTube entertainers/comedians. On their YouTube channel (Caillou & Nick), they upload comedy sketches, songs/music videos, and an assortment of other videos as well. They also have two other channels/shows. One of which is "FalconCast". In FalconCast, Pettis and Favel tell crazy stories that actually happened to them, sing songs, do challenges, get special guests on, and more. On their third show, "Brewer Breakfast", the duo does their own take on Rhett & Link's "Good Mythical Morning".


Caillou & Nick became friends at the beginning of Grade 2. Their friendship began when Nick walked up to Caillou and introduced himself, and Caillou did the same. At the age of 8, both Pettis and Favel grew an interest in video games, including "Call of Duty", and "Batman: Arkham". At age 12, Caillou started his personal YouTube channel (XxTwistedFalconXx) in which he regularly posts gameplay videos with commentary, vlogs, and him and Nick's show, FalconCast. At age 14, Nick created his personal YouTube channel (Whiarbar) in which he posted vlogs. The "Whiarbar" YouTube channel is no longer active, however Favel states he will soon upload videos on his second channel "Whiarbar2".

Inspiration & More

Caillou & Nick were inspired in early 2014 by YouTuber's "Tobuscus" and "Good Mythical Morning" to start their own talk show on YouTube called "FalconCast". The inspiration behind the "Caillou & Nick" channel was by the "Rhett & Link" channel. Caillou & Nick plan to release one or two songs by the end of 2015 on iTunes and Soundcloud.