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Callum Airey (born November 17, 1994), also known as other nicknames, like Calsqueezy and Calrigwog is a British YouTuber who's mainly known for gameplay and for making videos with The Ultimate Sidemen.

Personal life

Callum is living with W2S and Callux in London in the Stratford Halo building. Before this, he lived in London, Vietnam, Russia, Egypt and Scotland.


He started with playing Call of Duty, now he is uploading Fifa, Tags and Q&A's. He started posting Fifa primarily in February 2011. Calfreezy is also known as Cal. He is affiliated with the Fifa gaming group known as The Sidemen. Members of the group include Wroetoshaw (W2S), Vikkstar123, Miniminter, ZerkaaHD, TBJZL, Behzinga, and KSI.


Callum has two channels, his main channel and his vlog channel. His main channel is called CalFreezy and his second channel/vlog channel is called MoreCalFreezy.

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