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Callum Adams or Callums Corner on YouTube is a British vlogging channel, which became an internet meme in 2016 after he published an angry video threatening people who said his head looked like a tic tac. He currently has over 131,000 subscribers.

His most popular video is "MY HEAD DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A SODDING TIC TAC. A FINAL WARNING" that was posted on July 20,2016.  On October 22,2016 he uploaded a video titled "My head does look like a sodding tic tac. You win, I give up" where he admits that his head looks like a sodding tic tac. Callumn created a channel called "Tic Talks" on November 16,2016, shortly after his video "My head does look like a sodding tic tac. You win, I give up". 

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