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Heeeeyyy everyonneeee!

―Eth's introduction.

Ethan Almond, otherwise known as his stage names Jack King, Mum, Don't Come In, and cameradancer100, is a British YouTuber who made humorous covers. He has been inactive since 2011 on YouTube, but still makes fewer updates on his social networking accounts.


Eth uploaded on March 19, 2011, covering Lady Gaga's song, Born This Way [1]. It was 731.919 times viewed. Currently, it has over 2.000 dislikes. He has many haters but more fans as the likes bar always beats the dislikes bar in terms of statistics. Most fans think he is just kidding and he wants to be a comedian.

Outside YouTube, he uploads photos regularly as his normal self on Instagram [2].


  • He was last seen on MovieStarPlanet as cameradancer100nellyking. It's not known if he was the real cameradancer100.
  • He tweeted once to someone, who was asking why he was no longer making videos.  He answered: “I don't like making videos anymore.”
  • When he started making videos, he had lesser (75,997-) subscribers but it soon accumulated to 122K+ after his inactivity.
  • On his Instagram and Facebook pages, his fans begged him to make more videos, but he never responded to them.

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