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Camila Cuevas is a Chilean YouTuber who makes animations. These animations include Undertale animations to several different stick figure animation series, such as Nemesis. Her videos are made in English but have Spanish subtitling, as she is Spanish but she has more viewers that speak in English than in Spanish. She currently has over 215, 000 YouTube subscribers. Sometimes when she isn't animating on her YouTube channel, she often plays Undertale fan games on a live streamer. Her YouTube logo is of the Nemesis symbol in the Nemesis stick figure animation series.

'The Mystery Woman'

"The Mystery Woman" is a female viewer/possibile friend which Camila interacts with during livestreams. The woman has a popular shipping within Camila's community called "Mystila".

The First Appearance

The Woman's first appearance on Camila's channel began during the preliminary days of "Glitchtale". The Woman seemed to have been talking to Camila outside the stream, thus leading to the relationship we have today. It's also been said that many decisions made by Camila about the channel have been assisted by this woman. The Woman is also said to frequently speak in the stream's chat, teasing her true identity.

The Couple

Though not confirmed as canon, the Woman and Camila's frequent chatter in the streams led to a large amount of the viewership to coin the name "Mystila" to represent the two as a couple.

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