Hey Guys, Carag Here!


Tuguldur (born June 2, 1999 (1999-06-02) [age 18]), also known as Carag, is a Mongolian Gaming YouTuber. Carag made his channel in 2015, and has over 44+ thousand subscribers. He is known for his  videos and sometimes CS:GO. Back in his older videos, he played Minecraft and a few other games. ==Personal Life== Carag is from Ulaanbaatar. He started his first channel in 2010. He was ten old back then, so he posted Minecraft videos. ==Trivia== *He is the most subscribed YouTuber from Mongolia. *In his videos, he mostly named his self, "Carag." *He is leader of the clan "HZQ". *He is one of the first Youtubers.

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