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Ajey Nagar, born 12th June , 1999 is an Indian YouTuber who uploads roasts, rants And reaction Videos on his YouTube channel "CarryMinati" .


Ajey Was A 15 Year Old Boy When He Started Making Gameplay Videos And Uploaded Them On His YouTube Channel Which Was Named "AddictedA1" Back Then . He Later Switched To Roasts And Rants When He Saw That He Didnt Get Much Views On The Gaming Videos .

Becoming The King Of Indian YouTube

Ajey Kept Uploading Roasts And Rants On Indian Music Videos And Raps By Lesser Known Artists Whom He Calls "Bakchod" . These Roasts Were Getting Views As This Format Was Not Popular In India . Carry Was Obviously Inspired By Leafyishere Who Is An American YouTuber Who Uploads Roasts And Rants With Gameplay In Between After That He Joined Illuminati & Changed His YouTube Name To CarryMinati & He Also Changed His YouTube Logo To Illuminati Pyramid & In Every End Of Video He Adds Illuminati One Eye.He Become Famous After Joining Illuminati & He Gained Subscribers Faster Than BB Ki Vines He Completed 100K Subscribers In Less Than a Month.On May 31, 2016, He Uploaded The "ROASTING BB KI VINES" Video In Which He Roasted Popular Indian YouTuber Bhuvan Bam And His Channel "BB KI VINES" . That Video Went Viral And Carry's Sub Count Started Growing Tremendously . CarryMinati Gained Over 5 Lakh Subs In 2 Years (2014-2016) Making Him The Fastest Growing Roast Channel In India . He Currently Gains Over 3,000 Subs Per Day . He also attended the YouTube fan fest 2017 at the Jio Gardens Mumbai where he showed great enthusiasm and debuted his performance live. He is also famous for making hos own rap music videos which are funny and are indicators that AJEY is mocking the 'bakchod' singers. Some of his own music videos are(VIDEO NAMES ARE INCLUDED): 1.Bantai rap-balle balle(RAP STAR ON PEAK) 2.Starboys-the weeknd(YOU ASKED FOR THIS) 3.Bahubali on cycle (BAHUBALI PARODY PARODY)


CarryMinati Is A Roast Channel So As With Most Of The Roast Channels , CarryMinati Started Receiving Copyright Strikes From The Creators Whose Videos Were Roasted By Carry . CarryMinati Received Three Copyright Strikes From Baap Of Bakchod And Bhim Narula (Nepali Singer) After Carry Roasted His CANCEROUS TABLET . Carry Has Also Encountered Copyright Strikes From Renowned Indian Singer Baba Sehgal And By The YouTube Channel - THE NERDY GANGSTERS . Ajey Has Received Threats From Video Creators Whom He Roasted In The Past .

Carry Is Known For Being Against Reaction YouTubers And Pranksters . He Has Made Roast Videos On Popular Reaction Channels Like Pardesi Girl , Excited Indian And Also Roasted Pranksters Like THE CRAZY SUMIT . As Of January 2017 , He Does Not Roast Channels Anymore But Roasts Music Videos And Raps .

Hero Alom

CarryMinati Is A Roast Channel So Therefore Ajey Is Always Looking For Funny Videos And Strange People To Roast . Ajey Came Across Hero Alom Who Is A Bangladeshi Facebook Celebrity Who Dances In His Videos . Hero Alom Is Extremly UnderWeight Making Him Look Absolutely Funny And Strange . Ajey Made 3 Videos On Him And His Most Viewed Video - The Closest Human To God Is A Roast Of Hero Alom's Music Video . That Video Has Garnered 1.7 Million Views Since Then .


Ajey Has Not Revealed Anything About His Girlfriend But His Fans Always Tease Him With Reaction YouTuber - Pardesi Girl As He Roasted Her BB KI VINES REACTION VIDEO And Accused Her Of Stealing Views . It Was Revealed That They Have Been Messaging In Personal Chats And So People Said That Ajey Is Falguni's (Pardesi Girl's Real Name) Boyfriend . Ajey And Falguni Both Have Denied These Accusations .


"Toh Kaise Hain Aap Log ?" - Starting Dialogue

Toh Shuru Karte Hain Bina Kisi Bakchodi Ke" - Dialogue Before He Starts The Clip He Wants To Roast .

"Video Pasand Aayi Toh Like Maaro Na Ho Toh Yaar Subscribe Maaro" - Like And Subscribe Appeal .

Uss Subscribe Button Pe Lath Phenkh Ke Maaro Mujhe Nahi Pata Bas Click Ho Jaana Chahiye - Subscribe Appeal .

Imaginary Characters

Tau - Ajey Voice Overs An Old Man And Claims He Is His Tau . Tau Has Appeared In Many Of Carry's Videos And Is A Loved Character By His Audience .

Mohit - Ajey Claims That A Boy Named Mohit Lives With Him And In The End Of Each Video , Ajey Orders Mohit To Start The Ending Song . Mohit Is Another Loved Character By His Audience .

Mundal- Ajey Makes Sound Of A Small Kid. The Kid Gets Annoyed When Someone Is Not Able To Recognize His Name At First Time. He Was First Seen In The Video "RAP STAR ON PEAK" Since Then He Has Appeared Once In every 2-3 Videos.


Ajey Has Appeared In The Raj Jones Interview And Nazar Battu Productions Channel Videos . It Is Known To All That Ajey And Dalveer , Satbeer From Nazar Battu Productions Are Best Friends . Ajey Has Appeared In 3 Of Nazar Battu's Videos . He Had Appeared In The YouTube Happy Hours Vlogs By Many YouTubers Like AASHIV MIDHA And THE CRAZY SUMIT .


CarryMinati's Fan Base Is Very Loyal And Huge With Over 1,000,000 People Subscribed. Ajey's Fans Are Almost All Over Indian YouTube And Instantly Comment On The Video Which Is Copying CarryMinati . The Fans Comment On The Original Music Video About Carry And Spam Tye Rap Videos Which Carry Has Roasted .

As Of January 2017 :

CarryMinati Has -

530,000+ Subs On YouTube

9.2k+ Followers On Instagram

10K Followers On Twitter

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