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Chad Bergström[1] (Born 5 December 1988) known as Chadtronic, is a 28 year old YouTuber. He is mostly known to make reaction-style videos and videos where he tries out various weird toys. His channel is mostly filled with Nintendo-based content, but it sometimes strays off into different categories. Chad also has 2 other Channels as well... One being Chadtronic Pokemon, where he does various unboxings of Pokemon things, and his third Channel Gloop, which is currently WIP at the moment, but all we know is that it has to do with 90's Nickelodeon!

Chadtronic Pokemon was formerly a let's play channel known under the names "Chadtronic Adventures" and "Chadtronic Games". It then became "Chadtronic 2" for miscellaneous videos, before becoming Chadtronic Pokemon.


Chadtronic can be very hyper or calm. In his earlier videos, he is very calm and doesn't overreact. In his reaction videos, however, he is very crazy and screams, laughs and coughs at the same time, falls out of his chair, slams his NES pillow on the ground, and is very hyper and sometimes acts a bit strange. As Chad has stated in a Sonic Boom livestream, the NES pillow rage was only a way to express his anger. It stuck with his fans and now whenever he rages he smashes his pillow.


  • Chadtronic hates the 5th night in Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • Chadtronic's weakness is SammyClassicSonicFan's screams.
  • Chadtronic is haunted by Glitchy Pikachu.
  • Every Mario Kart 8 Stream, an Asian guy named Mr.TongWah goes on and does whatever he can to mess up Chad and not let him win. He has done this since May.
  • There was once a faker of Chadtronic on one of Nathaniel Bandy's Mario Kart 8 streams.
  • Chad can play the trombone.
  • He has developed a love for saying 'frick' thanks to SammyClassicSonicFan's videos.
  • Chad does not edit his Chadtronic Pokemon videos, it is actually a friend of his named Jordan, otherwise known as AfterEndMedia/PokeFilp.
  • Chad was one of the Youtubers to be shown on Disney XD's "Polaris: Player Select".



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