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Chad Warden known on YouTube as chadwardenn was a YouTube vlogger. He became notorious for his video "Why the PS3 is better than the Wii and Xbox 360", and its follow-ups. Chad Warden's account was closed in May 2008 for unknown reasons. His videos have since been reuploaded. His YouTube channel currently has 1,100 subscribers and 200,000 video views.


Chad Warden uploaded his first video, titled "Why PS3 is better than the Wii and 360," on March 13, 2007, the same day that he created his YouTube account. Reaction to the video was largely negative. Warden was criticized not only for the arguments that he made but also for his production choices (use of Jim Jones' "We Fly High" as intro and outro music, swiveling in his chair) and his choice of words (frequent use of swears and racial epithets, referring to the PlayStation 3 as the "P.S. Triple"). Some even theorized that the video was merely an attempt at viral marketing by Sony. As of October 11, 2007, it had a rating of 2/5 stars after 15,843 votes on its YouTube page. Chad Warden released two more videos: "Chad nigga be ballin", released on March 19, 2007, and "Why the PS3 is better than the Wii/360 PART 2 NIGGAZ", released on April 16, 2007. Chad Warden also appeared in a video uploaded by knguyen05 where he eats at a sushi restaurant.

During his YouTube career, he also started a website but was deleted along with his channel.


On May 5, 2008, Chad Warden's account was deleted for unknown reasons. Warden has not made a public appearance since the channel's demise until February 21, 2013, where an image of him holding up a sign reading "2/21/13 STILL BALLIN" was posted on 4chan. Fans believed that the picture signified Warden's return to talk about the PlayStation 4, which had been announced just the day before. However, no further developments occurred.


Despite retiring from YouTube in 2008, Chad Warden still enjoys a large and active fanbase. Many remixes and parodies of Warden's videos have been made.

In 2013, a large amount of Chad Warden videos (including reuploads of Warden's original videos and fan-made parodies) were flagged and ultimately removed from YouTube.