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Ladies and gentlemen, How You doing, It's Charles

―Charles Cather

Charles Cather is an American YouTuber who currently lives in Serbia.


Charles is from Charleston, Illinois. He was a manager for Ford Lincoln Mercury. At the start, He had a fight with Serb guy named Dragan, from Facebook group "I hate the USA". Later, they built a friendship, and Charles invited to came in Serbia. He went to Serbia to meet people from that group in May 2010 for two weeks. He expected bad things, but he was excited how are Serb people friendly. He has quit a job as manager and he moved to Serbia in 2011. He currently lives in Novi Sad.


McDonalds Double Cheeseburger vs Serbian Gurmanska Pljeskavica05:04

McDonalds Double Cheeseburger vs Serbian Gurmanska Pljeskavica

Showing Serbian Money...07:58

Showing Serbian Money.... part -1 of 2

Help Young Serbian Gal "Una Savic"07:14

Help Young Serbian Gal "Una Savic"

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