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charliecharlie336 is a 14 year old Photographer, Gamer, Designer, and Vlogger.


Charlie started out with his first channel "charlietaylor41" that has been Terminated from YouTube due to Copyright. He did many videos containing different topics such as Accidental Laxative, Airsoft Collection, and many more. One day, charlie was looking at his subscribers, and he had people who was intrested in his channel. Charlie was now making progress on his YouTube channel. Charlies first video was explaining "Welcome to the Channel!" The name charliecharlie336 came from Google's recommendations.

Personal Life

Charlie loves to play Magic The Gathering! He rarely talks about his collection of Magic cards on camera. Charlies favorite activities are Vlogging, Photography, Gaming, and to speak with his subscribers. Charlie has two brothers. He is the youngest. The oldest brother "Clayton" has moved to Savannah, GA. He goes to "SCAD" graphics design college. The second oldest brother "Bailey" is in 12th grade at the moment. No college attended yet. Now there is Charlie. He wants to go into Photography and SCAD.

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