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Charmx or Charmx 2 is a reaction channel run by Karl, (born in 1994). Charmx 2 is his current channel used due to the fact that his original main channel (Charmx) had been taken down due to multiple copyright strikes. He currently has 2 other backup channels named charmx3, charmx2 . Charmx2 is used for most meme reactions, and Charmx3 is used for YouTube Poop reactions.

As explained in an old video, before YouTube came around, Karl was at a very dark place in life. He had his suicide date planned out until discovering YouTube and his own religion. Every now and then he feels burnt out and has rough times in life, but it isn't as often anymore.

Karl currently lives in his parents' basement, and usually records videos when they are out of the house. He has a brother who may have nocturnal lagophthalmos. He despises living there, and has made a 2018 resolution to make enough money and move out of the house. To do so, however, he is using YouTube's monetization feature, having to censor ( or completely edit out) inappropriate or controversial words / actions in videos to avoid demonetization.


  • Since his main channel has been taken down, Charmx reuploads an old video once in a while, and other archive channels do so as well.
  • He used to be a fan of The Walking Dead.
  • One of his most successful reaction series are YouTube Poops. Over 70+ YTPs of himself have been made by fans.  
  • Recently, he made Charmx3, which will be his main channel when the new "Charmx" account gets taken down.  
  • He is a victim of road rage, and was once involved in a car accident.
  • Somewhere in about February 2017, he was diagnosed with bronchitis. 
  • Before his old channel Charmx2 was taken down, he had amassed 800,000 subscribers.
  • Most of his fans want him to "reveal his hair", but he has said time and time again he will do so when he reaches 1,000,000 subscribers.
  • He is currently in the process of completing a children’s book. He once had a graphic artist who was very inefficient, so he did the graphic art himself. He is currently looking for a procedure to get the book out.