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Charmx or Charmx 2 is a react channel run by Karl, (born in 1994). Charmx 2 is the current channel used because his main channel (Charmx) had been taken down due to copyright strikes. He currently has 3 other channels named TheCriticalBastard, DramaNow and Charmx Plays (which was recently taken down).


Charmx's main channel had 810k subscribers before closure. His current channel has over 64k subscribers


  • Since his main channel has been taken down, Charmx reuploads an old video once in a while.
  • Oreos are his favorite cookies.
  • He's done a Draw My Life video, but it wasn't serious.
  • He doesn't think he'll ever do a serious Draw My Life video.
  • He currently is single.
  • He currently lives with his parents, as it's a whole lot more cheaper than living on his own.
  • He always records himself while his parents are out of the house.
  • He used to be a fan of The Walking Dead.
  • He likes rap music.
  • Before the old main channel Charmx was created, Karl has had 10-15 other channels.
  • He has started on YouTube around Grade 7, because he's always liked the idea of making people laugh.
  • He got his name from signing up to a gaming website, either Armor Games or Addicting Games, he used the name Charmx, and he has no idea how he thought of that name.
  • One of his most successful reaction series are YouTube Poops. Over 20 YTPs have been made by fans for him.
  • It's in the risk of both of his channels taken down, as copyright claims have been made.
  • States that he will not be doing gaming at the time, since his computer can't run decent games.
  • He will take his beanie off if he gets 1 million suscribers in his channel.          
  • Recently, he made Charmx3, and that will be his main channel when "Charmx" gets taken down.  
  • An occurrence happened when Charmx was in Grade 12, where he recklessly dropped a weight on his finger in the school gym. The result was a broken finger.
  • Charmx currently records all of his videos in his parents' basement.
  • He has Arachnophobia.
  • He is a victim of road rage, and was once involved in a car accident.
  • Charmx currently owns two dogs and a rabbit named Joey.
  • Edit : Charmx's first channel has been taken down.


Dislikes country & modern pop music, preferring to stick to rap and heavy metal.


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Charmx also has a vine account in which he last uploaded in 2014.

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