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Chase Gilroy (born: March 5, 1983 (1983-03-05) [age 35]) is a YouTube Vlogger who currently resides in Ohio, he is currently 35 years old. He is married to Veronica Gilroy and they have three kids together. His wife is the sister of RomanAtwood's girlfriend Brittney Smith, he quit his job in order to create a YouTube account so he could demonstrate to the world that anyone can change their lives.

Chase and Veronica

He married Veronica Gilroy in September 2009. He has a daughter named Eliza and sons named Colin and Carsen. Sadly they lost there fourth child Cameron.

Chase and Dennis Roady

Chase and Dennis are great friends, he helped Dennis film some of his pranks, and he also pranked Dennis by telling him his hotel room was cancelled.

YouTube channel

Chase has three YouTube channels. His main channel is Gilroy Vlogs where he vlogs about his daily life and uploads challenge videos where kids compete against their parents, the channel has accumulated over 300,000 Subscribers and 50 million views in total. Chase's second channel is Gilroy Reviews and How To's where he basically reviews products and show people how to use theme. Chase and one of his friends have an upcoming channel named "Legends of Awesomes" .