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About Chase Gilroy

Chase Gilroy 32 years old born on March 5 of 1983 in Ohio , He is married to Veronica Gilroy and they have four kids together he's wife is the sister of Romanatwood's girlfriend Brittney Smith , He quit his job in order to create a YouTube following so he could demonstrate to the world that anyone can change their lives.

Chase and Veronica

He married Veronica Gilroy in September 2009. He has a daughter named Eliza and sons named Colin and Carsen. Sadly they lost there fourth Child Cameron Glenn Gilroy .

Chase and Dennis Roady

Chase and Dennis are great friends Chase helped Dennis film some of his pranks , Chase also pranked Dennis by telling him his hotel room was cancelled .

YouTube channel

Chase has three YouTube channels He's main channel is Gilroy Vlogs where he vlogs about his daily life and uploads challenge videos where kids compete against their parents , he has 200,000 Subscribers and 30 million views in total . Chase's Secoud channel is Gilroy Reviews and How To's where he basically reviews products and show people how to use theme . Chase and one of his friends have an upcoming Channel named "Legends of Awesomes" .

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