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CheekiiChaps is a YouTuber who resides in Zimbabwe, who is really into MLG videos. His mostly well-known for "Diary of an MLG Noscoper" and "Sid the MLG Kid". He sometimes, of course, makes other MLG videos.


Diary of an MLG Noscoper

Diary of an MLG Noscoper has Greg Heffley replaced by Sheen, from Jimmy Nuetron. His name is not Sheen at all in the video, however, as he is just known as the "MLG No-scoper". The plot is just plain randomness, as he is going family-to-family, ever since his thumbs-up emoji mother kicked him out of the house.

The Noscoper would constantly kill his families, because, well, it is MLG. He once came across Sid the MLG Kid, but he threw his Sid and his family off the cliff once he betrayed him for stealing and breaking his "blunt". (a weed cigarette).

Then, a bunch of other randomness happens, such as his mother turns out to be the illuminati, or the Noscoper getting married to Sid's friend (Gabriella).

Their are about 8 "books" in the series.

Sid the MLG Kid

Sid the MLG Kid is an MLG parody of "Sid the Science Kid". As you may have known, it is complete randomness, and has no plot whatsoever, with the editor finding the right spots to mess with the show. There are about 3 episodes of Sid the MLG Kid.

Other MLG Videos

The other MLG videos he makes are common to most other MLG videos, except, his own way, just like other MLG YouTubers.

MLG Features (Basic MLG material not included (such as the illuminati, Mtn. Dew, etc.)

  • Basic MLG
  • Minecraft
  • Jimmy Nuetron
  • Five Nights at Freddy's
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Easter
  • Sid the Science Kid
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • Zimbabwe (Country)
  • Cambodia (Country)
  • Max and Ruby
  • Hackers


  • "Welcome to my Journal. This is not a Diary you c****!
  • "What the S***?! Their teacher Susie is here?!"