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Chikoflame is a female YouTuber that uses the 3D modeling program MikuMikuDance (MMD). She also has a YouTube channel called ChikoflameGaming, where she posts gaming videos, however, she usually uses her main channel.

After getting a copyright strike, she made an account called 'ChikoflameKomaeda', as a backup channel.


  • Chikoflame's name came from a Pokémon named Chikorita and the word, flame.
  • Chikoflame has been mistaken as a boy before she said that she was a girl, since her MMD models are usually male MMD models.
  • She has revealed herself as being the Osu user, 'Twogami Byakuya'.
  • KTS Project, a Vocaloid project that involves Minecraft YouTubers and Vocaloids, is currently being worked on by Chikoflame.
  • Chikoflame has a Fanloid (Fan-made Vocaloid) named Chi Matsuki, Chi is Chikoflame's Fanloid persona that isn't really based off of Chikoflame in real life.
  • Chikoflame uses the Vocaloid programs, Vocaloid2 and Vocaloid3.
  • She creates Fanloids based off of Minecraft YouTubers.


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