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Ross Scott or ChilledSanity is an American Machinima Director on YouTube,, ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, and formerly, Machinima. He is well known for his website, Accursed Farms, and his popular Machinima series, Freeman's Mind, revolving around the plot of the first Half-Life game. He has uploaded 83 videos, gained about 110,000 subscribers, and generally uploads videos each month or two.


Ross began his YouTube career while under Machinima's wing, uploading several content. Prior to Freeman's Mind, Ross had created a different series, set in the Half-Life 2 world, called Civil Protection. However, on May 4, 2013, Ross had a fallout with Machinima, due to them changing their legal contracts, and Ross simply not wanting to accept the new contract. He later had a feud with Machinima and got into some financial trouble, but was able to get his career back on track after a proper meeting with Machinima. He currently uploads on YouTube, as well as, and ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.

Early career

Ross started creating videos in 2007, while Let's Plays were beginning to become popular. Machinima had hired him, and he began creating famous series' such as Freeman's Mind or Civil Protection. Civil Protection centered around two Civil Protection officers in the dystopian Half-Life world, but was overshadowed by the immensly popular Freeman's Mind, in which Ross took on the role of silent protagonist, Gordon Freeman, and his thoughts during the Black Mesa incident. This made other YouTubers create their own Mind videos, set in the same universe as Freeman's Mind. A notable example of an inspired Mind series' is Barney's Mind, or Shephard's Mind (Half-Life: Blue Shift, and Opposing Force, respectively).

Escape from Machinima

After the release of Episode 44 of Freeman's Mind, Ross had multiple problems that all came from Machinima. They had changed their contract terms, and had never contacted Ross about the change. Ross had a despute with Machinima for a whole year, delaying the 45th episode, and enraging fans. When presented with the new contract terms, Ross denied, stating that what was said on the contract 'was too much', and that he wouldn't be able to gain any profit from his videos. However, on April 1, 2013, Machinima actually uploaded one of Ross' videos, Doom Guy's Mind: Episode 7, which caused confusion among the fans who actually knew what was occuring. Even Ross himself was dumbfounded on this being uploaded by Machinima.

Eventually, Ross was able to escape the grasp of Machinima and was able to quit, as Machinima threatened him with legal trouble if he did. He finally talked to Machinima one last time, and joined ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, and began uploading the next episodes of Freeman's Mind, on YouTube, and ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.

Current career

Today, Ross uploads one or two videos a month, it being Freeman's Mind, or Ross' Game Dungeon, in which he reviews games that were released decades ago. 

Ross has also collaborated and been in other projects other YouTubers have done. During his time at Machinima, he made a short SFM movie named Stranger in Need, for the Machinima Interactive Film Festival, and during the Machinima incident, he appeared in a Sven Co-op video alongside two other YouTubers, and was interviewed on the radio.

Ross has completed Freeman's Mind with the 68th episode, and so far have 20 Ross's Game Dungeon videos, and 12 Civil Protection videos.