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Christian Pelchat (born September 18, 1996) is a growing creator on YouTube, starting at the age of 11, he was fascinated by the ability to share videos online using YouTube, he started playing around with the idea, from making videos with his IPod, then making gaming videos, and more.

Born in Alberta, Canada


It wasn't until April 2014, that Christian began taking it a bit more serious as he found that it was something he really enjoyed doing.

He created his fresh new gaming channel on April 9, 2014, posting a video every couple days, then soon moving to 1/day for this gaming channel.

In late September 2014, Christian joined the Freedom! Network by invitation he received earlier in the Summer of 2014.

In late November 2014, he created his 2nd Channel to create a Daily Vlogs.

In early December 2014, Christian made plans to be participating in VidCon 2015 as a Creator.

In late December 2014, a new channel which he's planning on creating more educational content, hinting videos as Top 10's, Space Related Series, and more.


Unboxing Poop Shield! Errr..

Unboxing Poop Shield! Errr...Pop Shield!