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Mitch "CiBoiv" Towers is a British YouTube Content Creator that is known to create Gaming Commentaries at his YouTube Channel.


Mitch has a large subscriber base in the YouTube World for someone of his community, and continues to revamp his YouTube. He has also made appearances on other YouTube Channels such as the American Game Commentator "DrDuke". He also has a second YouTube Channel called CiBoiv2, however he does not use it as much.


Mitch has a small group of YouTube Friends that he lists in his About Page on his Channel. He tends to bring friends into his videos that are from Real Life, with the except of DrDuke.

Social Media

He has a number of Social Media Outlites that he uses for his Channel. They are Twitter (@CiBoiv), Instagram (mitchtowers), and a Facebook (even though it is listed as Broken when clicked on).

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