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Ken wearing his iconic bear hat.
Profile: CinnamonToastKen
Twitter: @CinnamonToastK
Facebook: N/A
Other Media: Twitch


Style: Gaming
Date Joined: February 27, 2011
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 1.8 Million+*
Videos: 1,300+
Schedule: Unknown
Status: Active
Channel Trailer
Master Surgeon - Heart Transplany - by Scribble Netty02:26

Master Surgeon - Heart Transplany - by Scribble Netty

Most Viewed Video
Whack Your Ex07:52

Whack Your Ex

Stay Toasty My Friends


Kenneth Charles Morrison, known on YouTube as CinnamonToastKen, is a Let's Player who started uploading videos to YouTube in 2011. He is currently 28 years old, and lives in California with his now fiancee, Mary. Ken is very active in uploading videos, usually uploading once or twice a day, and commonly has a cutout facecam of himself in the corner of his videos. One of his most notable features is his iconic bear hat and his refusal to swear.

Relationships with Other YouTubersEdit

Ken has played with numerous famous YouTubers, such as Cryaotic, Pewdiepie, Seananners, Jacksepticeye and Markiplier. He is engaged to fellow YouTuber Mary (SuperMaryFace) since February 14th. His brother, Kevin, also has his own YouTube Channel, called FrenchToastKevin. He has also been doing a series of Podcast with PewDiePie, referred to as the "BroKen Podcast". This is mainly a whole hour or more of them talking about random topics. The Podcast also features a special guest who will be joining them, such as Cryaotic (Podcast #3), TheRPGMinx (Podcast #5), Yogcast Strippin (Podcast #6), Markiplier (Podcast #7), Jacksepticeye (Podcast #8), and Yogcast Martin (Podcast #9). PewDiePie and Ken have also been working on their new series of BroKen Podcast, which is uploaded every Tuesday. Jacksepticeye has appeared on the 4th Podcast of the new series.


CinnamonToastKen plays a wide variety of games and visual novels . Most of his videos are short flash game compilations and co-op games with other youtubers such as Prop Hunt or GTA V. He also often plays through a series of many Visual novels as well as many Indie Games. He also plays many Surgery style flash games from time to time.


Despite his refusal to swear, CinnamonToastKen has chosen to play games that have other "questionable" elements. He also does not consider words to describe a persons genitalia as "swearing" so does say them from time to time.


Some of CinnamonToastKens popular lets play videos have been adapted to animation by ScribbleNetty. Some of these include his Prop Hunt games with Cry and Pewdiepie and many of his Surgeon Simulator videos.


  • "Hey, It's CinnamonToastKen and we are about to play {Game}" -Intro
  • "Stay Toasty My Friends" -Outro
  • "If today's your birthday, happy birthday {Outro}"
  • "What do you want from me"
  • "Spiders Dont Rape Me!" -Playing The amnesia mod, SmallHorse"
  • "Bones!!" -When encountering a skeleton or skull

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