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Oliver, known online as Colossal is Crazy, is a British Youtuber. He is known for his commentary videos and podcasts. As of June 2017, he has over 320 000 subscribers. He is a good friend of Pyrocynical.


Colossal's channel was created in May 2014. His first video was uploaded in July 2014. Colossal was originally making "trolling" videos, playing Call of Duty. Colossal got more popular when he started to make rant videos on Youtubers, such as Bashurverse and Lionmaker. Colossal got a big subscriber boost from Baited podcast, in which he participated from July 2016 to December 2016. 

Feud with FouseyTUBE

On September 22nd in 2016, Colossal uploaded a video titled FouseyTUBE: An Alternate Reality, criticizing FouseyTUBE and his content. Later, Fousey claimed Colossal's video about him and took all the ad revenue created from the video, and the video got taken down. After the incident happened, Pyrocynical started a GoFundMe fundraiser to help Colossal. Fundraiser itself reached over 5000£. On November 4th, the video was back on Colossal's channel. 

Baited Podcast

In July 2016, Colossal started a podcast named Baited. Other participants were Keemstar and Tommy C. Baited instantly got very popular and later they had quests such as Ethan from h3h3Productions and LeafyIsHere. In December 2016, Colossal announced that he left Baited alongside Tommy C. Colossal and Tommy were replaced with Anything4views and Andy Milonakis. Later Colossal was featuring in 16th episode, as a guest. In July 2017 in Baited's 27th episode, Colossal appeared again and it was announced that he is officially back in Baited as a full time member.

Catch 33 podcast

After leaving Baited, Colossal started a new podcast called Catch 33 with Tommy C and Dead on Dave. So far six episodes have been released, and the podcast has over 60 000 subscribers on Youtube.

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