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Profile: ComedyShortsGamer
Twitter: @ComedyGamer
Facebook: ComedyShortsGamer
Other Media: Instagram
Style: Gaming
Date Joined: December 1, 2011
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 4.8 Million+*
Videos: 400+
Schedule: 6 Videos a week
Status: Active
Channel Trailer
The Most Amazing04:34

The Most Amazing

Most Viewed Video
Try Not To Laugh Challenge With My New Girlfriend03:37

Try Not To Laugh Challenge With My New Girlfriend

Deji Olatunji (December 9,1996), mostly known as ComedyShortsGamer or CSG, is an English YouTuber. He was born in London by Nigerian parents and lives in London up until now. He does FIFA and random game videos, often with his brother or Dad. Deji acquired a lot of his fame, and viewers, from being on his brother KSIOlajidebt or KSI's videos.He is also known as the worst FIFA player But that is not true Gonth though he said deji's a bad fifa player Gonth is according to other YouTubers such as Wroetoshaw, KSI, Gonth and Nepenthez. He usually does challenge videos as well.


  • Some of his older videos frequently featured content from the video game Halo 3.
  • His channel has earned over 4 million subscribers & over 1 Billion views.
  • He frequently features his brother KSI in his YouTube videos.

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