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Adrian Shephard, known on YouTube as Corporal Shephard is an animator who resides in the Philippines, who does mostly Five Nights at Freddy's and Undertale animations. Adrian is mostly well-known for his animations featuring the FNAF characters, Springtrap and Mangle.


Adrain started out as a FNAF animator, and then came up with the idea of the new series "Springtrap Meets Mangle". The idea of the story is that Springtrap freaks out when he first meets Mangle, when she was all wired and messed up. Springtrap fixes Mangle, and then she falls madly in love with him. Ever since that day, Mangle has been bothering Springtrap with her love for him.


Adrian made regular animations featuring Five Nights at Freddy's and Team Fortress 2, and then made a video called "Springtrap meets Mangle". After that video went viral, Adrian made a part 2, part 3, and so on. Then, Springtrap Meets Mangle became a series. After Springtrap Meets Mangle was complete, Adrian made a sequel series known as "Springtrap & Mangle".

Springtrap Meets Mangle


Springtrap was just doing his thing when he finds a box. He opens it, and to his shock, he finds a messed-up fox and they both freak out. The fox introduced herself as "Mangle". Springtrap then had an idea, so he got some tools and fixed Mangle. Ever since that day, Mangle fell madly in love with him, which annoyed Springtrap a lot; he always had to deal with Mangle pleading him to kiss her, and all that.

Further into the series, Mangle sees something strange about Springtrap. She notices a purple face on the head of Springtrap. She asks Springtrap what that was, and he said that the Purple Guy, a criminal was possessing him. A while after that, Springtrap sees something weird about Mangle. He then asks her, and Mangle says a little girl named Jennifer was possessing her.

Jennifer, as Mangle says, used to be her best friend. Mangle was lonely, always being ripped apart by children. When a little kid, later known as Jennifer finds out about Mangle, she runs toward her. Mangle, knowing it was one of those average kids who were going to mess with her, squeezed her eyes shut ready for the pain. To Mangle's surprise, she hugged her.

Ever since that day, they have been the best of friends. One tragic day, Jennifer was killed, and that's when Jennifer possessed Mangle. Springtrap and Mangle then agree to team up to get the phantoms out of their minds.

Springtrap and Mangle (SAM)


Springtrap and Mangle were now back to their average lives: Springtrap getting annoyed by Mangle, and Mangle trying to fall in love with Springtrap once again. Springtrap would get so annoyed, he started to hate her.

When Springtrap tries to make her stop, Mangle always repeats, "I'm not going to stop until you fall in love with me."

Mangle, getting annoyed that Springtrap was still not falling in love with her, pulled a prank on Mangle; then Springtrap does the same, and they get in a fight.

Continuing after that, Mangle shows herself self-pride of her look when she finds Jennifer's mom, Sam, in the mirror, that then possesses her.

Springtrap, again, was possessed by the purple man.


  • The abbreviations of Springtrap and Mangle spell Sam, the name of Jennifer's mother.