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Andrea Puglia known as Corydan YouTube is the name of a gaming project born in 2014. Andrea has a decade of passion in the field of video games, he decided to open a YouTube channel completely dedicated to gaming, where they were collected gameplay video, reviews and special throughout the world of video games for consoles and PC. The project has seen ups and downs from 2014 to date and continues to exist.


Corydan channel came into being way back in 2013/2014, started as a simple experiment that, over time, began to increasingly to materialize into something much more serious. Party like zombie games channel, the project has matured and has discovered new shores, bringing into the channel gender like : survival games, and indie shooter. In the beginning of 2014 it was born as a project based on the theme zombie games, then broaden the range of choices in the indie games like Space Engineers, The Long Dark, Subnautica and all securities in the early access that was coming in that year. With the birth and evolution of Steam Greenlight system, more and more games in early access had been going on and the channel decided to treat them in the best way possible, so as to bring to light all those independent developers seeking to penetrate the market. They started well on video games in survival early access as the first Rust Legacy, Dayz sequentially and the award-winning Ark: Survival Evolved. The channel, up to that solitary moment, he decided to start many collaborations (selected) that led him to collaborate with YouTube that was not yet prominent, but that deal with the same kind of video games. In 2015/2016 he began the chapter "RP" and Corydan moved (without forgetting the games of yore) on mod Altis Life (Arma Life) where he spent much time bringing more new and cool videos. In 2016, faced with a drastic drop of users and views, he decided to close the channel for 8-9 months before coming back with a new project (which lasts even now) of pure streaming, changing once and for all the major theme of the channel. Between ups and downs, from 2014 to today, the channel is seen by 85,000 members and still continues to exist.