Cow Chop is a gaming channel created by two YouTubers UberHaxorNova and ImmortalHD, along with Creature employees Aron and Joe, and an animator for ImmortalHD named ModestCube. On their channel they create a variety of types of videos such as, play various games, skits, and other humorous content.

Cow Chop has over 850k subscribers and 300 million views as of May 10, 2018.


The channel was created by UberhaxorNova (James) and ImmortalHD (Aleks), two YouTubers who are known for their co-op or duo gameplays. Because of their popularity they formed the channel Cow Chop in response. The channel features occasional guests and other YouTubers.


The channel was created on February 26th, 2016 however, the first video was uploaded on April 1st, 2016. Because of the 1st videos release date, many believed the channel to be an April Fools joke. However James later responded to the claims and tweeted that is was an official channel. They have also stated that it is similar to their old streaming channel a few years back.


Cow Chop currently uploads a variety of content such as,

  • Retroactive
  • Heavy Rain
  • Behind the Cow Chop (Behind the scenes)
  • Wrong Side of YouTube
  • Amazon Prime Time
  • Original Skits

Cow Chops complete or inactive content,

  • Shovel Knight Amiibo Co-op
  • Gang Beasts
  • Dark Souls 3


The channel was associated with TheCreatures, a group of people who play various games, film road trips, and compete in various challenges until April 28th, 2016 when James (Uberhaxornova). tweeted both James and Aleks (ImmortalHD) left TheCreatures to dedicate all of their time and efforts to Cow Chop.