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Crafting Vegeto (born: May 3, 1996 [Age 22]) is a YouTuber posting mainly Gaming videos now as he stopped making as much Minecraft videos, and thus was a very talented Parkour map maker. Indeed, he gained popularity with his map series : " Drug Run ", where all of them were played by SkyDoesMinecraft, Munching Brotato, and Deadlox, among many others. His YouTube channel is currently at 160,000 subscribers and 38 million video views.

Nevertheless, he is now growing faster, and more efficiently, concentrating on different style of videos ; It goes from Trolling to gaming, and even Anime vines ! His channel has truly become a unique style of videos and content.


CraftingVegeto, or Sam (called Samy by some close friends such as DutchSnowman and JackieBear) has been inspired by many YouTubers including Skydoesminecraft, Deadlox and Huskymudkipz. Indeed his first video was about Quentin. 

In 2013's Summer, he made Quentin admit that he is a fish and not an amphibian during the St.Jude's hosptial for children Live stream. Since that precise day, he decided to go venture on YouTube. 

Though it took Sam quite some time before making videos, and wasn't very active at first.

His channel started getting truly active after he made his first Minecraft map "Drug Run 1", which got popular very fast, and helped him get into having an uploading schedule.


Sam's personality is quite unique. He is more than energetic, as one could say he is absolutely crazy. He is actually known and loved for being quite the nut head, and is not scared to show it in his videos !

For instance, he can easily go haywire in any video, scream his lungs out, moan, burp on command or act drugged out. He also never almost never surrenders, even if all odds are against him. He's reckless and naive and loves trying new things for his fans.

Legend says he takes snorts of cocaine before recording. Not true but seems possible.

Ongoing Series

Crafting Vegeto's most popular ongoing series are probably the following:

  • Attack on Titan Related Content
  • Anime goodies/Akibento Giveaways

Currently Ended

  • Do not Laugh (Try not to Laugh formulae) 
  • Dark Souls 3
  • Bloons Tower Defence (Mainly with Bodil40)
  • Yandere Simulator: The Prequel
  • Retro Vegeto
  • Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom
  • Long Live the Queen
  • We are Number One Memes
  • Talk With Subs
  • MLG illuminati series on YouTubers
  • Minecraft Alone
  • Minecraft Drug Run
  • Cancerous Omegle Trolling
  • Crafting Videos
  • Omegle specials with fans
  • Who's Your Daddy
  • Attack on Titan TRIBUTE GAME
  • Weird games w/ Kyle
  • Sexy Saturdays


Cancer Army

The fan base, or the Subscribers have a specific name, and that is the "Cancer Army". Now this name is often used with the hashtag #CancerArmy whenever Vegeto needs the community, or wants to show love to a friend or fan in need. It's used as a hashtag maily on his Discord server as it is the name of one the voice channels that the fandom normally uses. Link to this chaotic but wonderful place can be found in his Twitter bio

Dark Humor

Crafting Vegeto is quite known for his dark jokes, mainly focused on racist jokes. Even though no one in the group is actually racist, the majority of the videos are based on racist jokes that can go quite far. Nevertheless, there is no hate due to the fact that it's really well done, and constructed, and always manages to make people scream and laugh at the same time.

Temp Ban from Youtube Streaming

Crafting Vegeto tried interacting with his fans by streaming his discord. This was open for the public to join as he was trying to get all his fans to crash the application, unfortunately this plan actually backfired. Since anyone could post images within the chat (as it was on the screen), it was an opportunity for a troll to cause a nasty surprise. This troll brought two of his "bot" accounts which had several scripts that would post "porn-affiliated content". The same person flagged his video during the stream which unfortunately caused YouTube to temporarily revoke Vegeto from streaming on the platform. Now he is streaming on another platform for the time being.


A list of all collabs Vegeto has done :

  • GamingFelix (Ikea-Man)
  • DutchSnowman
  • Bodil40
  • Simonhds90
  • MidgetJake
  • Patokia
  • AshleyMarieGaming
  • KylePlaysMC
  • JackieBear/Stolthet
  • Nass
  • RileyTheDirewolf
  • KimBlue Gaming
  • Abagail Flare
  • TeamSilverSpark
  • Deadlox
  • Ghosteez

Memorable quotes/Frequent expressions

  • "That's kinda hot"
  • "Owwwwww"
  • "Ass" (used as a noun, adjective and verb)
  • "I hope you get ass cancer"
  • "suck my ass"
  • "Everything is a dildo if you're brave enough"
  • "Deez nuts."
  • "F*** me in the ass.
  • "I have a** aids/cancer"
  • "Oule gougou"
  • "Sup f***ers"
  • "Yukki"