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Frank Gioia (born November 30, 1993 (1993-11-30) [age 24]) known as CrankThatFrank is an American YouTube personality. Frank has gained over 250,000+ Subscribers over his course of creating his Youtube Channel.

Before YouTube

Before Frank started YouTube he was in a metal band but wasnt that well known at the time for it until he hit the internet. He was born in Brooklyn and later moved to New Jersey. While in Jersey, thats where he met his now current girlfriend Eva Demuro. He loves to make people smile and his goal is to send positive vibes and messages through everything that he does.


CrankThatFrank tends to make his videos on a regular basis. He has started a series of Try Not To Cringe Emo's, a Reacting To Emo Bands On Crack series, Reading F*cked Up Tweets series, and a Reading F*cked Up Fanfiction series. He has made a couple gaming videos before and once did an "Animonday" series too. He does make vlogs from time to time and things outside of his realm too. He has made a couple Q&A videos before too. He continues to make videos relating to challenges and reacting the most however.