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Hey, shodomites

―Creationist Cat.

Creationist Cat is the online persona of comedian Vadim Newquist on his satirical YouTube channel of the same name where he assumes the role of CC; a celestial Christian talking housecat who was chosen by God to take down the many atheists of the internet.

YouTube career

Creationist Cat started in 2011 where he mostly made videos "pwning" notable atheist YouTubers in a humorous fashion. CC got his big break when one of his videos was featured on The Drunken Peasants Podcast which lead to subsequent guest appearances on the podcast. He has also done crossovers with other big names in YouTube atheism like Steve Shives and JaclynGlenn.

Vadim Newquist was eventually doxxed by a YouTuber named Atheism-Is-Unstoppable in July 2015 who revealed him as the man behind Creationist Cat after they got into a Twitter scruff regarding AIU's views on race. Due to this event, Vadim has been integrated into the channel as some sort of separate entity from CC where samples of Newquist's additional work are also uploaded.

Television appearance

One of Creationist Cat's videos titled "Epic Victory Cat Dance" was featured in an episode of the Comedy Central late-night panel show @midnight with Chris Hardwick.

I was on Comedy Central Last Night!

I was on Comedy Central Last Night!