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Criken2, usually just called Criken, is a YouTube gamer known for uploading compilations of funny gaming moments, usually taped with his friends on Steam, Valve's PC gaming network. He is also part of "The Game Station", a gaming partnership program, along with other YouTube gamers, such as Dodger, TotalBiscuit, Markiplier, and Cryaotic. His most notable videos include his "Criken's Fun House" series, "Left 4 Dead: funny moments of getting owned", and his Fallout: New Vegas video. He was the third person to be eliminated from the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Hardcore Tournament.

Criken started his channel as nothing more than YouTube videos of him playing various games, most notably, Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. He uploaded both funny compilations, as well as tips for how to play as better infected in these games' multiplayer. As he progressed, he played more and more different games, and found new Steam buddies to play with. One notable 4-part series was his Amnesia: The Dark Descent walkthrough, where he played by himself, with his friend Oats watching him via a livestream, while Oats occasionally commented or teased him. He also has other friends, including Casualties, who is usually the team's "doofus", and Skippy and Martz, who both usually receive the brunt of Criken's gaming skills, anything from getting pushed off of ledges to getting their heads whacked off. He also became slightly more famous due to the "Chivalry: Medieval Warfare" Battle Royale, where he and several other YouTube gamers took each other on in Chivalry, a medieval-themed 2 team versus game, most comparable to Valve's "Team Fortress 2." Criken soon became known for swinging a hammer around in that game, knocking the heads off of numerous players, including The Yogscast, one of YouTube's most successful gaming duos. He also, got known for playing various games and exploiting glitches from them, including a spinning skeleton head in Fallout: New Vegas, flying zombies in Cry of Fear, and a retreating Servant Grunt in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.  He now has Approximately 760,000+ subscribers, with that number growing.</span>

Criken's Fun House Episode 1-0

Criken's Fun House Episode 1-0

Chivalry Battle Royale 'Release the Criken'

Chivalry Battle Royale 'Release the Criken'

Personal life Edit

Criken has usually been more secretive about his personal life than other YouTube gamers, but has recently opened up a bit more, vlogging his experience at the 2013 PAX convention, revealing his face, and stating he had recently graduated high school, and will attend USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Quotes Edit

"Oh God... they're like UFOs..." - Referring to the hovering zombies in Cry of Fear

"Yaaay! Darts with Martz is fun!" - When playing an online medieval game, throwing numerous spears into his friend Martz

"FUACK! FUACKIN' SHIT- FITCH!" - Playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent after a monster spawns

"We are the wheelmen." - Playing a CounterStrike mod and getting his team to synchronize in text chat

"I'm gonna give you a hand!" - While playing "Murders at Sea", he murdered a target with a mannequin hand

"I'm gonna Ralph it!" - Destroying stuff in Red Faction: Guerilla, misquoting "I'm gonna wreck it!" from Disney's movie "Wreck-It Ralph"

"HOT DAAAWG!" - Lighting rabid dogs on fire with a flamethrower in Far Cry 3

"Potaeto sak keeps me saaane." - Playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent while trying to hide from a monster