YouTube has received an extremely large amount of criticism since Google bought YouTube in late 2006. Many hate videos and comments have been posted on YouTube.

YouTube Rules

Community Guidelines

The Community Guidelines have been criticized as many people call these rules "unfair," with many posting inappropriate videos to show their hatred to YouTube. There are some inappropriate videos like Happy Tree Friends have not been removed or age restricted.


On every video there is a flag button to remove any inappropriate videos. However, this also received very negative feedback, with people touting it as a near useless service because any violating videos do not get removed. There have also been many reports of non-inappropriate videos being false flagged and getting removed which is not fair. Overall this led to severe criticism. Rude and offensive words such as swearing in videos cannot be flagged.

Age Restrictions

Age restrictions have been deeply criticized because it doesn't allow underage users to view the video, The new update allows users to age restrict their videos causing more or less criticism. There have even been videos with no inappropriate content being age restricted. Evidence


Copyright on YouTube has extremely criticized. This is because it is not possible to post even clips of movies and songs within videos. There have been reports of licensed people's videos getting removed from YouTube.

Community Guidelines and Copyright Strikes

Community Guidelines Strikes and Copyright Strikes have been insanely criticized because it disables features such as the 15 minute limit and private sharing, and having three strikes gets their YouTube account deleted and the inability to make new accounts and how it takes a long time to expire, this led to an extreme outbreak of rage sending a lot of hate messages to companies.

Country Restrictions

Country Restrictions have been severely criticized because many people cannot watch videos because it is blocked either in their country or worldwide.

New Content ID System

In December 10, 2013 YouTube lets video game companies profit on gaming channels meaning that this could end many gaming channels, this almost destroyed popular gaming channels such as Angry Joe. This update has been extremely criticized and caused many YouTubers to delete all of their videos and/or even their accounts in general.

Channel Layouts

Cosmic Panda layout

This layout was backlashed when it was first released for aesthetic reasons. However, this criticism was far overshadowed when One Channel was released.

One Channel layout

The One Channel Layout has received much criticism.  Many YouTubers dislike the lack of customization options and discussion features compared to older layouts.

When switchover became mandatory there was a ton of outrage, causing YouTubers to quit and even delete their channels.

Removal of animated banners

July 23rd 2014. YouTube added a feature to the One Channel layout that allowed users to design their very own animated banners. Many praised the update for making One Channel more comfortable to use. In August 6th, 2014 YouTube removed the update without reasoning. This caused a lot of outrage since you are limited to a regular photo banner again.


Commenting Art

Back when YouTube had 500 character limit, people disliked the limitations in commenting. However when the 2013 commenting system came out, users became outraged about the large amount of spam.

New commenting system

Google now offers a new commenting system on channels. The new system has been severely detested making it probably the most hated change in YouTube history. Many users criticized the inclusion of links and the removal of a character limit.  Many users also dislike the requirement of Google+ to reply to comments.  Another reason why people dislike it because you could no longer click on video lengths to get to parts of videos in the comments. Many users are commenting pixel art tanks to try to start removing the commenting system.

Once YouTube pushed users to use the new commenting system many have outraged and even deleted their accounts.

Commenting Websites

Many people attempt to bring people to any website they want them to go to. YouTube have blocked this feature because some people gone to websites and received a virus. Others have disliked this feature because they can't lead people to other YouTube videos.

Removal of uploader review

A few month after the new comment system was released, YouTube removed the ability that uploaders can approve comments before they are posted or shown. This caused slight criticism because some channels want people to comment but still keep away spam and swearing.



YouTube is highly criticized for its extremely immature community. Many comments on YouTube have been known to make very childish responses to changes on YouTube and many users post rude comments to people asking about the video. For example when a user is asking the name of the song that isn't mentioned, some users post "Darude Sandstorm" to trick the user. Many users also send death threats to those who have a different opinion. Many users ask YouTube to handle the abusive ones but they aren't banned because of YouTube's activity.

YouTube Staff

The main YouTube account has been heavily criticized because people always ask YouTube questions with the website and they want answers to the questions but due to the bad customer service, YouTube always ignores them which make these people think YouTube care only about what they make and their own stuff.

YouTube account settings

Real Names

Since June 2012, Google has been harassing YouTubers to switch to their full names on YouTube, tying them to Google+ accounts. The popup is persistent, coming back every so often about a week. This has generated extreme hate as many do not want to use full names due to privacy reasons, or to keep a well known channel username.

Google harassing users to use their real name.


Every time a new user joins YouTube a Google+ account is made. This is extremely detested by the YouTube community as:

  • Many people say that Google+ is copying Facebook
  • Google+ forces users to use full names
  • Google+ can be more difficult to edit channel settings
  • Google+ makes messages to Google+ and not YouTube
  • You cannot reply to comments on YouTube.
  • Google+ is required to comment.
  • Google+ automatically logs users out sometimes.


Full Movies

On YouTube Google offers full movies that can be bought for real money. Many people really don't like this feature because they have to pay money to watch it.

Removal of star rating

YouTube has replaced this with likes and dislikes. There was slight outrage due to a limited reviewing system compared to the previous system.


Adverts on YouTube have been criticized, especially the video ads as people see them it wastes their time, some ads cannot be skipped generating even more hate. On November 21, 2013 YouTube for mac users have removed the ability to skip ads using the refresh button. Adblock Plus is the solution for getting rid of ads.

On May 10, 2013 YouTube previewed a new feature that lets YouTubers to pay channels to watch videos. Many users heavily hate because they think YouTube is greedy for money and they also say that this feature because it breaks the premise of YouTube being a free website and they saying that YouTube is a not free website anymore.

Video lengths

YouTube has limited the time length of videos for standard YouTubers to prevent spam, copyright, and to keep old computers normal. Many people criticize it because they can't make their own movies, episodes, and series.

YouTube Video Buffering (144p)

Since the introduction of 144p YouTube videos began buffering really bad, this is generated extreme hate because YouTubers want to watch their videos in peace but it's painful to wait several minutes for a video, sometimes the buffer bar stops causing more trouble making YouTube videos unwatchable, Some users work around it by blocking the cache to improve performance speed, others go on 240p.


VEVO joined YouTube in December 2009. Many music videos have been taken down and many say it is way worse than Warner Music Group.

Reasons why people hate VEVO:

  • Many people say VEVO is copying Pandora.
  • VEVO steals views from users, making it have to most views.
  • VEVO doesn't allow original artists to use their own song.
  • Their video player is slow on most computers.
  • Their videos forced viewers to be inconvenienced by ads.
  • Certain songs are over-censored.
  • VEVO takes attention away from original content creators.

Removal of Inactive users

Usually every few months, YouTube deletes inactive accounts. Users disliked this because they lose subscribers although it is suppose to remove spam accounts.