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Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. My name is Shirunai, and…

―Shirunai’s intro

Nguyễn Thế Khải (born December 5, 2003 (2003-12-05) [age 13]), known on YouTube as Cyber Shirunai 2.0, is a Vietnamese YouTuber. He uploads gaming videos, and he uploads other people’s YouTube videos but with captions enabled,He Friend Of Cris Devil Gamer On September 16 He Make A video title:"BYE" Saying He Will Be Gone For 3 Month And Not going to upload durig this time



  • His prior channel names were:
    • Johnson Hally Padilla (2012–2013)
    • GTA Shirunai (2013–2014)
    • Cyber Shirunai (2014–2016)
    • Growing Up With Shirunai (April 20, 2016–June 5, 2016)
    • He First Strike Copyright On April 12 2016 Due to Song/Audio Copyright
    • His Second Strike Copyright on September 1 2016 Get taken down by Matthew Santoro

Personal life

  • Khai was born in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, on December 5, 2003.
  • He Been Dealing With Depression And Bullying
  • He Try To Kill Himself By Hanging But Result All Fail
  • He Hates School
  • Big Fan WWE
  • Use To Love UFC
  • He Very Rich But He Got Shitty Computer to edit
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    Here Some Shirunai Z100 Sport Bike

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    Cringey Shirunai 2010

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