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Cyndago was an internet comedy trio consisting of Daniel Kyre, Ryan Magee and Matt Watson. Cyndago was best known for their collaborations with Markiplier and their often humorous music. Their channel was originally created in December 2012 and for most of their career consisted of only Daniel Kyre and Ryan Magee until adding Matt Watson in 2015.

Cyndago officially disbanded in 2015 after the suicide of founding member Daniel Kyre.


Cyndago was formed in 2012 by long-time friends Daniel Kyre and Ryan Magee with their first upload being a song named "Rodney The Frag Grenade", afterward, the two continued posting music videos and skits, which very commonly featured Markiplier.

On August 10, 2015, the group officially announced that they were returning after a roughly five-month hiatus, and announced that Matt Watson of Maker Studios and Markiplier's editor, would be joining Cyndago. He appeared in their "F*CK YOUR MOM" music video before the announcement was made.

Death of Daniel Kyre

On September 10, 2015, Daniel Kyre was found in critical condition in his room after an apparent suicide attempt in the house he shared with Markiplier and Cyndago members Ryan and Matt. He had suffered irreversible brain damage from an undisclosed cause and was taken off of life support two days later.


After his death, Cyndago posted a statement on Facebook stating that they were disbanding and would not continue any activities, nor release any songs, skits, vlogs or uploads under the Cyndago name. Their sketches, "Skinny Dipping" and "XYZ," were both privated the day after Daniel's death due to both videos containing Daniel dying in emotional ways, the latter video showing Daniel committing suicide. Due to Daniel's death, Markiplier went on hiatus for roughly three weeks.

The final upload on the Cyndago channel was simply titled "Daniel Kyre", and it was a montage of several videos showing Daniel's life.

Ryan, the only remaining original Cyndago member joined Matt's channel, Kids W/ Problems. This reunited the two and allowed them to continue making content together. In April of 2016, the duo created a new channel, "SuperMega," putting Kids W/ Problems on hiatus, though they have both stated Kids W/ Problems has not ended.

In June of 2016, the Cyndago song, "Closer To Me Than Him-The Plum," was put on private for undisclosed reasons, though Ryan switches it back to public occasionally.

On April 8, 2018, two people known as Eric and Jae announced that they would be creating a Cyndago Season 2. On April 10, they re-uploaded Cyndago's deleted videos and added Jerry of Team X, saying that a vlog, sketch, and podcast were to be expected in the coming weeks. However, on April 12, both videos were removed, and Jerry announced via Twitter that Season 2 would not continue as requested by Ryan and Matt.