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James Blowers, known on YouTube as DWTODWFA, is a stop-motion animator, specialising in Doctor Who based animations and editing. He also edits Trailers and has just started reviewing figures from the 5 Inch line of Doctor Who figures from Character Options. He currently has over 2,400 subscribers and over half a million views.


Main Series 2010 Specials:

  • Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh
  • Night of the Dream Lord
  • Antarctica

Series One:

  • Everything Changes
  • The Week Before 2012
  • Who Stole The Tardis
  • Ha, Ha, Ha
  • Amy's Nightmare
  • The Wake of Narantoss
  • War On Namor
  • Picnic of Asgard
  • Quest for Three
  • 2 Deaths and a Star

Series Two:

  • Bigger on the Inside
  • Limited
  • Stolen Technology
  • The Doctor's Brother
  • The Lost Surveyor
  • Army Onboard
  • Wonders of the Universe
  • Edge of the Universe
  • Heroes of Time
  • The Mad Man in a Box

2012 Specials:

  • The Girl Who Waits No More
  • Hidden From Time
  • Eternity Lords

Series X:

  • Artron and Steel
  • Soul of the Tardis
  • The Abandoned Celeste
  • Preservation of the Daleks
  • Escape from the Insanity Pit

Series Three:

  • The Time Dilemma
  • The Vessel and Wound
  • The Time Web
  • Portals in Time

50th Anniversary Special:

  • Code of the Legend

Series Four:

  • Adrift In Red (Part One)
  • Adrift In Red (Part Two)
  • Who's on Baker Street (Part One)
  • Who's on Baker Street (Part Two)
  • Diverse Timelines (Part One)
  • Diverse Timelines (Part Two)
  • Inevitable Aftermath (Part One)
  • Inevitable Aftermath (Part Two)
  • Inevitable Aftermath (Part Three)
  • Inevitable Aftermath (Part Four)

Series Five:

  • The Prequel
  • The Years of Trenzalore
  • Devoted to the Box
  • The Lambent Ones
  • The Critters of Nostalgia
  • The Jarkahtah Expedition
  • Endured Pain
  • A Siege Submerged
  • War Rivals
  • Remember Me
  • The Final...
  • ...Farewell

Mini-sodes and Specials

2012 Mini-sodes:

  • Blizzard Guardians (Part One)
  • The Expert Trio (Part Two)
  • Diamond Jubilee Special
  • Olympic Guardians (London 2012 Special)
  • Halloween Special
  • Children In Need Special

2013 Mini-sodes:

  • Tardis Two
  • Off We Go

11 Mini-sodes:

  1. The Imitating Truth
  2. The Void
  3. Dark Silence
  4. Colony of Metal
  5. TBA
  6. TBA
  7. TBA
  8. TBA
  9. Intrusion
  10. Castle of the Zygons
  11. A Volcanic Hunt

2014 Mini-sodes:

  • Grounded at War
  • From the Day to Rose
  • The Past with the Present

War Doctor Mini-Series:

  • The Scent
  • The Sight
  • The Taste
  • The Sound
  • The Touch

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