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Daily Bumps is a daily vlogging family from California. The family consist of Bryan (dad), Missy (mom), and their two sons Oliver and Finley, their Australian Shepard dog Karma and their new puppy Luna. They decided they did not want their Bengal cat Zuri, and gave it away. Bryan said their fish Hashtag passed away in 2016 due to neglect.

The couple started when Missy created her own YouTube channel, to document, and help others with miscarriages and stillbirths.

A few months after they had a stillbirth, Missy got pregnant again. Missy gave birth to their first son Oliver, via c-section on July 27, 2013.

On February 9, 2015, they learned she was pregnant with their second child. Missy gave birth to their second son Finley, via c-section on October 24, 2015.

Both Missy and Bryan have their own personal channels. Missy's focuses on beauty, pregnancy, motherhood, cooking and hauls. Bryan focuses on music.

The couple is close friends with fellow daily vlogging family, Jared and Ellie Mecham AKA "Ellie and Jared". They are also good friends with Cullen and Katie Byington from "Cullen & Katie".

Missy and Bryan originally got married August 8, 2008, but later realized they got married to soon and got a divorce. Eventually they reconnected and fell back in love and eventually remarried.  

Bumps Along The Way

In the beginning, a few days before Christmas 2011, they learned Missy was pregnant. But at their 10 week ultrasound, they learned the baby no longer had a heartbeat. A couple weeks after they lost the baby, they got a call from the doctor telling them it was a boy. Quickly after they lost him, they started trying and she quickly got pregnant again. At 16 weeks, they had a ultrasound party and they learned they were having a boy. Then, they lost him at 20 weeks. Missy delivered him still on September 7, 2012. They decided to name him Gabriel Bryan Lanning. Not long after they lost Gabriel, Missy started a YouTube channel to outline their loss.

Reason for Miscarriage and Stillbirth

On November 8, 2013, Missy posted a video on her personal channel titled WHY I LOST MY TWO BABIES. She revealed that there was a full septum in her uterus which was causing pregnancy losses. Oliver was a miracle since she was pregnant with him at the time and had no idea about the septum. On November 7, 2014, Missy had surgery to get the septum removed.

Birthdays and Ages

Bryan Lanning (born January 20, 1990 (1990-01-20) [age 27])

Melissa "Missy" Lanning (née Hollister) (born October 27, 1989 (1989-10-27) [age 27])

Oliver James "Ollie" Lanning (born July 27, 2013 (2013-07-27) [age 3])

Finley Jay "Finn" Lanning (born October 25, 2015 (2015-10-25) [age 1])


Missy's family often appears in the vlogs while Bryan's family lives out of state. Although both Bryan and Missy are close to their family.

Bryan grew up without a father but he got help and finally met his birth father and his family.

Bryan's Family

Bryan is the youngest out of him and his step-sister Bev who they share a monther Nancy.

Missy's Family

Missy is oldest out of her three siblings Jimmy and Cassie (YouTube Channel). Their parents are Jim (James) and Suzzane.

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