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Dak47922 is a YouTuber that focuses on Anime and Gaming videos. He is also known around the web by his real name, Dakota. Dakota gained most of his popularity on YouTube with his "Funny Anime Moments" series. The series made it to 72 videos before he announced that it would be stopping. In a Vlog he stated that he wants to broaden his channel and start producing other types of videos including gaming and other anime related videos, receiving pressure from copyright holders was also a factor. His YouTube channel is currently at 28,000 subscribers and counting.

On July 26, 2015 Dakota publicly announced his own fan website. He stated through social media he intends it to be "a central hub where you can hang out and chat with others that share our interests."


  • Dakota heavily brands his channel around "Holo the Wise Wolf" the main character from the anime Spice and Wolf.