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Dan Telebi is an American vlogger and animation artist. He is known best for his diverse personalities and his animation projects. He also does skits as well as reviews, primarily focused on gaming. For every time Dan receives a specific number of subscribers, he creates a contest video, giving his subscribers a chance to win a prize from him. Dan Telebi subtitles his videos for a better enjoyment of the audience, and he responds back to every comment he receives on his videos or on his channel.

Dan's previous accounts were Saikorebon, TigerBomber, and CoolDRusty. All accounts were either closed or suspended. His alternate account that is currently active is SAIKOREB0N.

Dan has stopped making videos currently, but is still active on YouTube occasionally.


  • Quick Style Gaming - This new series shows Dan reviewing a video game title briefly before he plays it himself. Quick Style Gaming includes commentary of Dan's point of view in the game, as well as how to play it.
  • Faralee Maxwell - Faralee is a girl with glasses, long black hair, and an enormous bust. She is self-centered most of the time and quite roudy when the camera is on her. She usually talks about her ex-boyfriends and how much she despises men. In one video, Faralee sticks a hot dog down her throat and chews on it viciously, telling the males in the audience not to hit on her.


  • (Untitled) - It has been rumored that Dan is currently creating a new series featuring popular YouTube musician, Spokesmayne. The plot is unknown at the moment.
  • Ribbon Mini - This animated series features three diverse characters: Sai, Rikuo, and Foxy. The series takes place in the animal kingdom of Kunai and deals with the lives of the main characters in a normal or completely bizarre plot line depending on what the situations may be. Ribbon Mini is a spinoff of the original Ribbon web comic.